Vantage Point understands that hockey fans carry a different level of passion for their team than fans of other sports. We know this because we are hockey fans. Whether you are a Canadian fan seeking to travel to the United States to see your team play in a road arena at a value price or a U.S. Fan from a cold-weather city seeking to see your team play in a warm-weather market, Vantage Point has your NHL travel package covered.

As we are all aware, the NHL has recently expanded its outdoor game offerings in recent seasons. What once was the annual Winter Classic has evolved into a five-game Stadium Series that shows no signs of going away. Whatever the motivations behind the expansion of the outdoor phenomenon, there is no doubt that seeing your team play in front of 60,000 to over 100,000 fans is an experience that should not be missed.

In addition to the outdoor games, as hockey fans, we understand the thrill of seeing your team in postseason play. We also understand the change in playoff format has led to a short turnaround between the end of the regular season and the determination of the divisional or wild-card opponents.

Vantage Point can tailor your NHL package to include flights, tours, transfer etc.

Please contact Vantage Point to find out prices for tickets, hospitality packages and travel packages. Prices will change Per game

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